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Touch the Sun

Get energized with an invigorating high-intensity training class at the outdoor fitness center, basking in the rays of the morning sun. Our class venues are designed so that no matter where you work out, you’ll get a boost from Cabo’s unparalleled views.

Join the Waves

Charged up and ready to go, maybe you’ll head out to sea come afternoon, letting the ocean breeze carry you gently over the bay’s energizing waters. The family can divide and conquer - kids take to paddleboards, while the parents hop in a kayak. Time together is a key part of our wellness equation.

Wind Down in Style

A spa treatment caps off a day well spent and gets your Baja evening started, followed by a celebratory cocktail at our secluded Red Door that features a private hot tub overlooking the Sea of Cortez. Why the ‘celebration’? Any day with these kinds of indulgences is worth at least a little fiesta.

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