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Wonder Awaits

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In Harmony with Baja

With Cabo’s landscape and sea always in view, members find several approaches to wellbeing – including spa comforts, state-of-the-art fitness facilities, and outdoor activities.

workout area at Maravilla Los Cabos

Morning Motivation

Rise with the sun for an energizing Crossfit training session at the outdoor fitness center or sunrise SUP yoga flow on Santa Maria Bay. Anywhere you work out, an incredible view of the Sea of Cortez follows.

Join the Waves

Outdoor activities abound at Maravilla. Afternoons can be spent at sea, with the whole family engaged in e-foiling, snorkeling, kayak fishing and more on the bay’s pristine waters.

Serene Evenings

The Baja afternoon itinerary includes a world-class spa treatment, followed by a ‘nightcap’ cocktail at our secret Red Door, where a private hot tub and bar overlooks the Sea of Cortez.

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