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Groundbreaking Tesla Project

Maravilla’s new energy-saving initiative, made possible by Tesla’s innovative technology, is designed to bring the community completely off-grid. Upon completion, the pioneering project will use solar panel installations and Tesla battery energy storage systems to provide independent renewable energy to The Club and its amenities, as well as a back-up power supply for the whole community.

The Region’s Best Beaches

Maravilla’s beaches were granted the prestigious Blue Flag certification, a recognition of the highest environmental and water quality standards, in view of the community’s efforts to meet extensive criteria for environmental, educational, safety and accessibility standards.

Coral Restoration

Maravilla’s ongoing coral restoration project protects the reefs of Santa Maria Bay and reintroduces an array of species to our surrounding waters, resulting in increased marine biodiversity and a safeguard against natural disasters. Alongside our restoration experts, members have the unique opportunity to plant their own coral nurseries and visit the reefs regularly.

Innovation by Desalination

As part of the overall Twin Dolphin master-plan, a reverse osmosis desalination turns seawater into clean drinking water without impacting existing marine life. This innovative feature allows the community to entirely sidestep reliance on municipal water.

Sustainable Plant Nursery

To further conserve our water resources at Maravilla, an onsite wastewater facility produces treated water that is then used to maintain the property’s nursery — an impressive facility home to more than 40,000 native plants.

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